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Professional Services companies, such as Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, and Accountant’s are increasingly finding that business expenses and productivity benefits are immediate when they exchange their old telephone system for a hosted VOIP business exchange service. The problem most face is how to make the leap! With a daily demand on the phone system to service customers, business owners heavily rely on these systems. But when facing a modern consumer mentality that demands instant service from anywhere at any time, a change in the telephone system is a necessity for a business to succeed. Sim-phony’s VoIP automation platform is the perfect solution for a business to increase their automated voice services reliably and without risk!

Simplified Telephony Solutions, Inc. provides business grade communications services! Our 25 year experience in voice application design and IP solutions empowers our team of experts with skills in design, implementation, and management your business can immediately benefit from over our secure network. Our VoIP services platform can scale from a 3 person distributed office environment through too a large implementation consisting of regional office hubs including international locations. Sim-phony’s VoIP services delivers all the features of a large office voice system with out any of the cost or maintenance associated with owning and managing your own equipment. In addition, we include “security” for both voice and email through our unique “industry standard” encryption technologies ensuring no one can hack into messages or live voice conversations at any time.

Best of all, Simplified Telephony can ensure your work is tracked, recorded (if required), and automatically entered with in your client billing system. Our experience in billing systems coupled with our integration expertise can provide your firm with a complete, fully tested, system to ensure your hard work is always rewarded regardless of whether it is deployed over voice, email, or fax.

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