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Time & Attendance Management

Simplified Telephony Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of Scheduling and Timekeeping solutions for the Healthcare Industry.

Our experience, acquired over the past 10 years, has helped our development teams build some of the most exciting and innovative solutions for Homecare organizations across North America. Our experience with in the voice development arena has allowed our customers to immediately benefit from a reduction in paper processes an acceleration of nurse pay role processing, and an overall improvement in data integrity. Read more…

Patient Adherence

Healthcare delivery cost in North America is on the rise!

Irrefutable aging demographics are the foundation behind a rapidly expanding demand for healthcare services. With more and more healthcare delivery occurring with in the patient’s home, the need for efficient, cost effective and easy to use administration solutions are growing. Without a doubt the future of healthcare delivery effectiveness and cost containment will rely on a natural integration of the caregiver to the healthcare provider’s administration processes. Read more…

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