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Consumers are gaining power and becoming more involved in the purchasing process of Insurance as well as other related Financial Services and Products. They are less loyal of brands, not trusting name alone as an indicator of quality or stability. The recent Financial Services sector crash and resulting public sector bailouts, has made consumers more astute and demanding of information concerning their investments, assets, and insurance benefits. When comparing top and bottom industry performers now, a consumer’s key differentiator may well be how customer responsiveness a firm is! Can your firm manage inquiries regarding sensitive customer information efficiently and cost effectively? If you are not leveraging the Internet for VoIP, secure email, or automated speech processes, your firm is falling behind the competition!

Simplified Telephony Solutions, Inc. was founded on the creation, deployment, and maintenance of digital voice response systems for Insurance Companies. Today our business has expanded to include a portfolio of voice solutions consisting of call centre software, voice recording functionality, voice navigation capabilities and biometric security; fully integrated or available as options depending on the timing and evolving needs of your business. In addition, Sim-phony’s solutions are available as services, available from our hosting facility and deliverable based on negotiated terms. Without a doubt, Sim-phony’s flexible portfolio of contact solutions and engagement programs can bring immediate benefits to your, on a permanent or negotiated term, regardless of your location in North America.

Ask about our Insurance database hosting business when you call! With 25+ years invested in Insurance database integration resulting from our IVR business model, our customers have gradually seen the benefit in utilizing Sim-phony’s secure, redundant, hosting facilities for their data base outsourcing requirements.

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