Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice ResponseSimplified Telephony Solutions, Inc. (Sim-phony) is a leading provider of full featured IVR business solutions with deployments and hosted services through out North America. Our customers include both enterprise companies such as Home Depot, RIM and Coca Cola as well as mid range firms from a cross section of industries. Our solution expertise and project management capabilities qualify Sim-phony for communication projects of any size or complexity. Our knowledge of telephony, IT, networking and database connectivity ensures our customers are delivered world class solutions, cost effectively and efficiently every time.

Looking ahead to the second decade of 2000, cost effective, web centric low maintenance Interactive Voice Solutions are in demand. Why? Forrester Consulting new study reveals the majority of consumers actually prefer to receive PROACTIVE notifications by way of OUTBOUND IVR systems as opposed to live agents for tasks such as:

  • 93% like receiving proactive notification related to travel
  • 88% percent are interested in notifications from financial services companies for transaction confirmation, statement mailing, etc.
  • 63% like to receive appointment reminders

With the personalization of voice communication through the proliferation of mobile phones, it’s no wonder the contact center will continue to play a crucial role in retaining consumers. Sim-phony is skilled at building meaningful self-serve interaction platforms for consumers. We understand the needs of the customer who frequents your call centre by mobile phone. They prefer smart speech navigation capabilities to access their data and payment functions and insist on 24/7 service. Intelligent call scripts must contain logical call data to ensure “opt out” to agents enhance the customer experience. Our customers look for simple and reliable solutions to their complex communication problems. That is why they look to Simplified Telephony Solutions, Inc.

Key Benefits:

  • Dealer or End-user configurable with no programming
  • Unlimited Call Flows
  • Each Call Flow can ve Uniquely and Individually Designed
  • Scalable,Flexible Design
  • Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech Capable
  • Automatic Call Routing using DNIS and Caller ID
  • Intelligent Routing of Multiple applications
  • Fax,Web and Email Interface Capable
  • Seamless PBX integration ( Nortel Meridian & Norstar, Mitel, NEC, Avaya, DEFINITY , Siemens Rolm, Hicom )
  • Runs on Windows 2003/XP an Linux Operating Systems
  • T1, ISDN, E1, VoIP or Analog Lines
  • Network Compliant
  • Dealer or end-user Programmable
  • Redundant Configuration Available for Mission Critical Applications
  • Software License Server Available to Manage Many Locations from one Central Server

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