Time & Attendance

Time & AttendanceWith Sim-phony’s on-demand Time & Attendance solution your health professionals working in the field simply dial in upon arrival at their patients home and their time and location is automatically logged into your patient care software. At the end of the visit, they dial in once again, enter predetermined work codes, and their visit is ended.

Reduce time and attendance administration and achieve 100% data accuracy!

Sim-phony’s on-demand Time & Attendance solution ensures 100% data accuracy in the collection of Nurse Heath Services working hours information in real-time. By automating the collection of attendance data, our solution helps to achieve data accuracy, reduced administration costs and compliance of working time regulations with minimum of effort.

Simplified Telephony Solutions, Inc has been providing automated Time & Attendance solutions for the Health Care Industry for the past 15 years. Our on-demand solutions are connected directly to your management systems through secure, encrypted links making the telephone device a friendly, easy to use, and mobile data entry device. Our Time & Attendance solution can reduce the number of hours spent entering and checking timesheet data to zero, eliminating a process that can take on average 20 – 25 days at an agency of 6,000 field works! Sim-phony has customers all across Canada and the United States of America such as; St. Elizabeth Health Care, Procura, Bayshore Home Health and Nurse Next Door to name a few.

Key Benefits:
Cost Savings and Improved Revenue:
  • Immediate return on investment.
  • Significant reduction in the need for pay/bill clerks to perform timekeeping functions as hours are electronically recorded and verified as they occur.
  • Automatic verification that eliminates the costs associated with redundant and inaccurate data entry, false claims and the costs of couriers and postage.
  • Timeliness of data that removes the cost of late timesheets that lead to errors in payroll and billing calculations.
Increased Productivity and Accuracy:
  • Elimination of weekly paper time slips.
  • Timekeeping that close up to 3 days earlier than with manual methods.
  • More accurate and timely billing due to the elimination of late time slips.
  • Earlier and more complete collection of data.
  • Fewer reconciliations and exceptions.
  • Reduced pay/bill verification workload by up to 80 %.
  • Reduced demand on resources of coordinators.
  • Billing data that is always available in real time with a permanent audit trail.
  • Integrated reporting and analysis that provides a daily reconciliations of plan to actual data.
Regulatory Compliance and Employee Well Being:
  • ‘working alone’ monitoring system enables compliance with legislation without disrupting client care, hireng additional staff or incuming high technology costs.
  • Increased safety for mobile staff.
  • The implementation of a “green initiative” that reduces use of paper.

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