4 Ways That VoIP Can Benefit Your Small Business


VoIP technology is becoming more and more popular all over the world particularly in the industries of legal services, financial services, and health care. VoIP is very practical not only for huge corporations but for small businesses as well. Do you have a small business in any of the industries mentioned earlier? You might want to take note of how VoIP can benefit you:

Call screening

One of the features of VoIP which is often overlooked is call screening. This feature will allow you to see numbers on your caller ID and determine how you will deal with them. For example, if a very important client is trying to contact you, you can redirect the call to your personal phone so that you can talk to him conveniently. You can also block other calls especially the ones that can be classified as pesky marketing schemes.

Call transcription

This is also one of the best features of VoIP. Call transcription takes advantage of voice recognition technology. Thus, voicemail messages are transcribed into text so that they can be sent to your e-mail for easy viewing later on. Because of this, you do not have to spend time jotting down which number belongs to which caller. This feature will let your enjoy better organization as well as let you search easily through your list of messages.

Call hold

When clients try to contact your company, there is a chance that they might have to be put on hold. Most clients who are put to hold usually end up hanging their phone after getting impatient. You do not want that to happen. It is a good thing that one of the features of VoIP is this amazing call hold system wherein callers get to enjoy music while waiting. No, they will not be exposed to irritating monotonous music but good music that they usually hear from the radio. You can basically pick any song you want.

Call coaching

What should you do when your employees are doing things wrong while on the line? Traditionally, you would have to wait for that call to end and then reprimand your employee as well as teach her what better things to do for the next call. However, such cannot be a problem with VoIP. VoIP allows you to coach your employee while she is one the phone. While talking to a client, she can still get tips from you as well as get direct instructions on what she should do next. All these occurs while the client at the other end is unaware that you are coaching your employee.

If you are looking for a good VoIP service provider, you can consider Simplified Telephony Solutions. We would take a look at your network and inspect various aspects such as your network security and equipment compatibility. We can also train your employees and let them know about VoIP. Our hosted phone services can give your small business the same benefits that large corporations enjoy without having to spend a lot. Contact us now.

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