Learn To Make Your IVR System Almost Human-Like!

Using an IVR system can be very useful if you want to receive a piece of information quickly and accurately but don’t you get the feel of speaking with a “robot”? It is basically like in Star Wars and you are making casual conversation with C-3PO. Still, if you take advantage of a few tips and tricks, you can make your IVR system more human-like and more attractive. This will boost your business image and your customers will see you as a professional. Here are the best ways you can transform your R2-D2 into a courteous live agent.


1.    Choose the best voice out there. If you have a nice, clear voice then you can actually record yourself repeating the IVR system’s options. Once you have finished, listen to your own recordings and see how it sounds. Make modifications here and there, change the tone, speak louder, pronounce words better. Your efforts will definitely be rewarded and in no time your recordings will sound crystal clear! Or, you can also use the voice of a pretty French girl and your customers will fall in love with the sexy accent.

2.    Be polite. Although a machine does all the talking, it is a great idea to always show that you have manners. This will be a big advantage for your company and your customers will appreciate it. Insert simple expressions like “Thank you for your call!” or “Introduce a number, please” and the experience of the customers with your IVR system is going to be more humane.

3.    Opt for the touchtone method instead of faulty speech recognitions. IVR systems offer two options: you can either speak your choices or press the according buttons. Speech recognition is more attractive and elegant and in some cases quicker as well. However, make sure that your speech recognition system is top notch otherwise your clients will become frustrated. If this system cannot easily understand the words of your clients then don’t use it. The old touchtone method is much better in this case and it will not annoy your precious clientele.

4.    Offer language selection. Another smart idea is to record your IVR system’s options in multiple languages and offer your customers the possibility to choose their preferred one. By doing so, you show that you are a professional and you respect the nationality of your clients. Also, it will allow your customers to easily navigate through your IVR system by using their native language.

5.    Don’t put on trashy music. Certain IVR systems play a particular song to their clients while those are waiting to be transferred to a live agent. This is a terrible idea and if it ever was good then those days are long gone. If you would have a problem and you might be quite stressed about it, music will only annoy you even more! If your customers want to listen to music then they know best what they like. For an IVR system, plain silence would do fine.

Hopefully, these tips will help you design a great IVR system for your company. If you require professional assistance then our specialists are more than glad to lend you a helping hand by providing you with excellent IVR services at affordable prices.

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