4 Ways That VoIP Can Benefit Your Small Business


VoIP technology is becoming more and more popular all over the world particularly in the industries of legal services, financial services, and health care. VoIP is very practical not only for huge corporations but for small businesses as well. Do you have a small business in any of the industries mentioned earlier? You might want to take note of how VoIP can benefit you:

Call screening

One of the features of VoIP which is often overlooked is call screening. This feature will allow you to see numbers on your caller ID and determine how you will deal with them. For example, if a very important client is trying to contact you, you can redirect the call to your personal phone so that you can talk to him conveniently. You can also block other calls especially the ones that can be classified as pesky marketing schemes.

Call transcription

This is also one of the best features of VoIP. Call transcription takes advantage of voice recognition technology. Thus, voicemail messages are transcribed into text so that they can be sent to your e-mail for easy viewing later on. Because of this, you do not have to spend time jotting down which number belongs to which caller. This feature will let your enjoy better organization as well as let you search easily through your list of messages.

Call hold

When clients try to contact your company, there is a chance that they might have to be put on hold. Most clients who are put to hold usually end up hanging their phone after getting impatient. You do not want that to happen. It is a good thing that one of the features of VoIP is this amazing call hold system wherein callers get to enjoy music while waiting. No, they will not be exposed to irritating monotonous music but good music that they usually hear from the radio. You can basically pick any song you want.

Call coaching

What should you do when your employees are doing things wrong while on the line? Traditionally, you would have to wait for that call to end and then reprimand your employee as well as teach her what better things to do for the next call. However, such cannot be a problem with VoIP. VoIP allows you to coach your employee while she is one the phone. While talking to a client, she can still get tips from you as well as get direct instructions on what she should do next. All these occurs while the client at the other end is unaware that you are coaching your employee.

If you are looking for a good VoIP service provider, you can consider Simplified Telephony Solutions. We would take a look at your network and inspect various aspects such as your network security and equipment compatibility. We can also train your employees and let them know about VoIP. Our hosted phone services can give your small business the same benefits that large corporations enjoy without having to spend a lot. Contact us now.

It Is Time To Go IVR!


Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is one of the recent technologies popular among businesses these days. In the past, people have dreamed of computers being able to function well as humans. They dream of a world where computers do most of the work. This is slowly become a reality especially with the IVR. IVR technology allows computer reaction with humans possible. This is through keypad tones as well as voice recognition.

If you are in an industry where IVR is common, you might be thinking that allotting budget for such is not necessary. You might be thinking that it would be a waste to spend on IVR because you assume that customers do not want to talk to computers or you might think that this technology is overrated. Well, there are a number of benefits why you should consider using IVR.

IVRs reduce customer support costs

Customer support can really be costly. You would have to continue paying an agent or a number of agents for that aspect. And most of the time, you would also have to spend resources for their training. Well, these re problems that are not encountered with IVRs. IVRs are basically maintenance free. If you find any problem, you can always get technical support for it.

IVRs create a good image

IVRs create a great image for your company. They help a lot in making your company appear more professional to your clients. The IVRs will deal with your customers in a very professional manner. Thus, you will not have a hard time impressing them. Remember that first impressions last. That is why you can always make a good and lasting impression with IVRs.

IVRs improve customer-client relationship

You might fear that IVRs might make your companies appear less personal. This is not true. Do not forget that you can always personalize your IVR. You can record awesome greetings, very friendly messages, as well as prompts that customers will love. All of these can help build up customer-client relationship, which is very important.

IVRs reduce the factor of human error

Do you want one solid reason why computers are better than humans? Computers do not commit errors like humans do. IVRs have the capability to transfer calls to the right agents or departments in your company. This deals with the number one problem that human agents commit and that is transferring their customers to the wrong people.

IVRs are affordable and easy to set up

You might be thinking that with all the benefits that IVRs offer, they are still not worth it because they are expensive and are difficult to set up. These are not true. IVRs are very affordable especially since they operate on cloud-based technology. You do not have to worry much about expensive upfront costs. No matter how small or big your company, you would not have an excuse not to be able to afford IVR. IVRs are also very easy to set up especially if you have Internet.

If you are interested in getting your IVR, you can consult Simplified Telephony Solutions Online. Our software platforms are sure to provide customer satisfaction.

You Have Heard About It, But What Real Information Do You Have On VoIP System?

Businesses have embraced VoIP solutions not only to save on money but also make work easier. If you are working on a VoIP project, you should stand on the shoulders of people who have done it before so as to avoid their mistakes and gather tips that can make your own deployments go more smoothly. Of course it pays when you tap into lessons others have learned:

Buy time

It is important to take your time because even the smoothest of deployments have sometimes gone sour. You are advised to buffer into your timeline in case you want to deploy VoIP in your office. You want to get the most out of it.

Get everybody onboard


You should ensure that department leaders are involved in the VoIP project so they get the details and communicate them to their juniors. Every user should have a stake in the project in order to reduce switchover time and make little need for training them.

Know what you have got

You need to know your traffic as well as what hardware makes up your network infrastructure. And because you want to improve on the quality of voice, check if that hardware will support this technology. Most switches and routers can support virtual LANs and traffic shaping, so they will help in carving out enough, reliable bandwidth in order to prevent VoIP system degradations. Your desktop phones should also pass the power and switching test.

Bandwidth control

It could be time to consider an upgrade if the audits reveal that your bandwidth is an issue. Your business should expand in terms of its operations, so project network traffic increases over the next five years to see if such an upgrade is inevitable.

Use the right codec

Since you want to minimize the bandwidth that is required by VoIP, choose codecs that take voice stream and encode it before transmitting over network wires. Use acceptable codecs that can use the least bandwidth especially if bandwidth is tight.

Make training simple

When it comes to mass deployments, large numbers of user need to be trained on how to use the new phones. You can even use pictures or screen shots to help users know parts of the hardware. Good documentation is a must here. You can also deploy IP phones in areas such as lunch rooms and conference rooms before a formal VoIP training program so that curious employees can try out the hardware.

Gateways to savings

There is nothing wrong with blanketing your business with IP phones, but if you are tight on budget, you can consider using low cost analog handsets that come with analog-to-IP gateways for connecting traffic to the VoIP network.

Work with the professionals

Of course you want to get the most out of your VoIP deployment. So, it is important to work with a reputable service provider who will ensure that you get quality service and value for your money. Sim-phony has vast experience dealing in commercial VoIP services, so you will never go wrong when you contact us!

Why Should Offices Embrace Interactive Voice Response Systems?

Walk into any office today, or listen to what people are saying about their businesses; almost everything in there is automated. The reason behind automation is to save time, energy as well as money while increasing productivity and the profit margin. But have you ever heard of an interactive voice response system? And if you have, why should you have it installed in your office in the first place? This article gathers some of the benefits together to help you see what you could be missing in your office:

Extending office automation to your customer/caller

There is nothing wrong with installing some of the sophisticated software to automate all of your office activities. In fact, you will experience immense benefits of it. While that is true, you also need to extend the same benefits to your customer as well as caller. And this is only possible if you install an IVR system in your office. Provide your company details such as contact details categorically.

Attending the call at first ring


IVR system saves time not only for the caller but also the industry. Usually, three rings will take about eight seconds and if you receive three hundred calls in eight hours picking up calls after three rings every time, you waste forty minutes of your callers as well as yours. It may not be possible for your agents to pick up calls in one ring; thanks to the IVR system, it will pick up the calls in one ring without failures.

Multilingual greetings to your callers as per the caller ID

Perhaps the best part of the IVR system is that it can “speak” many languages and uses the caller ID feature to determine which language to speak. This makes prospective callers feel at home and that they are important to your business. You definitely have to beat your competitors if you go the IVR system direction.

Personalized greetings to known callers

The system allows you to set up the caller ID feature such that your callers are greeted with their first name. As if that is not enough, the system can even greet them as per their sex and also wish them a happy anniversary, birthday and so forth if they happen to call your office on their birth days or anniversaries.

Works 24 hours a day without getting tired

With the IVR solution, the calls are manned and answered 24/7 without a tiring voice. It can also store messages, present important information and make alerts to designated persons in case of emergencies.

It makes your office look bigger

If for instance you work from home as a consultant and happen to use IVR service to handle your calls, you will appear like a larger organization. Just add several menu options for the different departments to get there.

There are many benefits of installing an IVR system in your office. And they may even be more depending on your industry. Sim-phony has a great team that employs the best techniques to ensure safe communication services. Contact us any time of the day for a free quote.

Exploring Some Of The Main Benefits Of Hosted Call Center Solutions


There are countless benefits of hosted call center solutions, making it the most preferred option in the provision of essential communication services among the small, medium and large scale business entities. To say the truth, virtual contact centers are slowly but certainly taking over the dominance and popularity of onsite customer service call centers due to the former capabilities in provision of cost effective and efficient services for the businesses, small, medium or large.

Workings of virtual systems

Due to the advances in online communication technologies, it is now easy for inbound calls to go through a data center that is run by a web-based device. The software in these web-based devices automatically determines where to route each of the in coming call, subsequently transmitting it to the appropriate agent of a particular company that it was specifically meant for. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) system or technology is utilized to assure the security of the routed call.


There are innumerable benefits of subscribing to facilities that allow inbound, outbound calls and auto dialing capabilities, and all without the need for onsite agents are. Here are some them.

1. No personal hardware and software requirements

By deciding to use hosted call center solutions for your unique communication requirements, your business organization is not required to acquire its own specialized communication hardware and software but rather just to pay an appropriate service provider for the wanted capacity. In a majority of cases, businesses resort to outsourcing to a communication service provider who has the right and most up to date technology to provide an efficient customer-oriented hosted contact solution.

2. You only pay for the capacity that is required

How much you pay for the services is determined by the required services. Simply put, payment for the required virtual customer service is normally by agent seat. If you opt for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functions however, then note that you will be required to pay as per the ports used.

3. No need for an onsite customer telephony service

These systems allow the agents and business operators to transact business from different parts of the world while online. Simply put, hosted call center solutions offer the agents and business operators the luxury of effective doing business with their customers form different locations all over the world and all without having an onsite customer care telephony service. These communication solutions are particularly appropriate for business entities with multiple sites all over the globe.

4. Everything is conveniently done online

With hosted call center solutions, all applications for providing the needed services are web-based. This essentially makes it possible and quite easy for customers to be served with the right and most updated information as need be. Best of all, businesses using these services do not require hiring technical experts to help man the center as everything is done online. All that is required for setting up this sort of a service is a fast but well functioning computer that is connected to a high speed broadband internet.

5. Cost effective

By opting for hosted call center solutions, a business is not required to acquire it owns facilities that are needed to run an onsite call center facility. Additionally, the service providers offer very flexible and affordable payment plans, for example hourly rates per login, pay as you go plans and so forth.

A Look At Computers And Interactive Voice Response Systems


It is unthinkable these days for a customer-oriented business not to have one sort of a modern interactive voice response system or another to help fill gaps in communication between itself and its clients, both new and the old ones. In simple terms, modern businesses have made the big switch from live operators to interactive voice response (IVR) systems these days.

What really is an IVR system?

To start with, an IVR system is a perfect example of advanced telephone and computer interaction technology. These sorts of a system allow the users to effectively interact with a company of interest through his or her touch tone telephone system. They enable the user to speak direct commands to a database for whichever his or her immediate purpose, purchase goods or services, check the status of his or her orders and so forth.

The greatest benefit for using these sorts of modern communication technologies is that they do not have a need of human intervention apart from the voice. By wholly controlling and then pre-determining the caller’s immediate needs, an interactive voice response system helps the user to freely manipulate and interact with the data within the system.

The inner working of a fully functioning IVR system

IVR systems work in quite a simple manner. Each phrase or word spoken into the system initiates a wide scale search, making it possible for the keywords or the spoken words or phrases to be easily interpreted by the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Networks). On the other hand, a computer through the help of an updated software application interprets the phrases, resulting into the right action being taken. IVR systems work through a computer system hooked to the internet through a software application or a telephony card. This IVR software application also helps store all the necessary maintenance tasks for the system.

Simple IVR systems

There are myriad of simple IVR system types in the market today, with all coming with voice recognition capabilities. These come with a security feature that gives the user access to a computer system that recognizes his or her voice.

Advanced IVR systems

Advanced IVR systems have text to speech capabilities, meaning that there is actually no need to prerecord answers for the prospective customer queries with them. These sorts of advanced communication systems automatically respond to customer queries either via automated voice messages or text messages. The said systems are quite advanced and can perform an array of different activities as is required by their users. Their functionality is based on what is referred to as Voice Extensible Markup Language (VXML).

All in all, the main components for all types of IVR systems are web server, VoIP or PSTN network, VXML telephony server, TCI/IP network and updated databases.

Applications of IVR systems

Interactive voice response systems are popularly used to cater for a vast range of customer communication needs in sectors such as banking, transportation, education, communication, health, retail business and so forth. It is basically impossible to offer all the needed services to the customers on a one- to-one basis in these sectors. Fortunately, properly functioning IVR systems are able to provide an efficient mechanism in provision of difficult to give services to private individuals, government agencies, businesses and the likes in dire communication needs.

4 Benefits Of VoIP Services That You Should Not Miss Out On

Communicating with your business partners and staying in touch with your clients and customers is essential if you want your company to be successful and profitable in the long run. However, different communication methods like long-distance calls are pretty expensive these days and this is not a very convenient fact for any businessman. Luckily, there might be a solution to this.

VoIP services are continuously upgraded and updated and they are exactly what a company needs in order to manage and handle communications on a larger scale. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and it enables you to contact your partners through the internet. Read below for more details.

1. Save money.


The running costs of your company will be greatly reduced because the internet is extremely inexpensive in comparison with traditional telephone systems. All the phone calls will take place via the internet and you can do this from pretty much any place with an internet connection available. Therefore, you will save money on a regular basis and use it with other purposes as well, such as creating better marketing strategies and so on. Also, to be able to use VoIP services, you don’t need to install expensive equipments either.

2. Broader communication experience.

When you are using a traditional telephone system, you can only hear the voice of your partner and nothing else. However, by using VoIP services, you can also send images, files, establish a video connection, share your webcam and much, more other features. As a result, your experience will be richer and much more productive as well and this is excellent for the future of your company.

3. Multiple persons can join.

Additionally, you get the opportunity to have a conversation with more than one person at the same time. Is this feature available on classic telephone systems? No. therefore, you get the chance to have a conference using VoIP system and discuss important subjects related to your business with little to no effort.

4. Easy-to-use GUI.

The graphic user interface is also very intuitive and easy to manage and you get access to a lot of features which you can tailor according to your preferences and needs. For example, you can edit a block list, get more information of a particular caller and many more. As a result, your communication experience will be exactly as you have always wanted it to be and you will feel in control of your business.

In order to take advantage of this service at the fullest and enjoy all its benefits and features, it needs to be tailored according to your business and your company. This is not a hard process and you have the full support of our specialists. Basically, all that you have to do is to give us a call and tell us more about your company’s communication needs. According to the data you provide, we will be able to make our VoIP solutions work on your favor. Contact us and for an affordable price, you get the chance to take your business to the next level!

If You Want To Manage Your Company Better, You Need To Get IVR Systems!

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems are basically services which are used in order to solve small requests or issues received from customers and clients. For example, if you want to know the business hours of a particular company, you call them, press a few buttons and under a minute you get this information, without having to speak with a live agent.

If you are a businessman and you haven’t tried this yet then perhaps now it is the time. This amazing service offers plenty of benefits and features which you will definitely find very convenient. Read this article and get an overview of this subject.

1. Elegant, easy-to-use interface for clients.


Your time is definitely very important and so is the time of your customers. Therefore, by using IVR systems, you can keep your customers happy by solving their requests in a very short amount of time. They can find out the information they want to know and they don’t have to wait for their call to be taken by a customer support agent. As a result, their satisfaction is increased and they will see you as a professional.

2. The IVR system can be tailored according to your preferences.

As a general rule, it is a great idea not to make your IVR system too complex because customers might become bored or frustrated. Make sure that you use the intuitive interface of IVR software in order to create a few menus each with several submenus. Make sure that you capture only the essential and your IVR system will be practical and efficient as well.

3. Save money.

IVR systems are very inexpensive and you should take advantage of this in order to reduce the running costs of your company. Think about the fact that you don’t have to pay a lot of live agents to handle a high volume of calls and this can be a pretty big saving on a monthly basis.

4. Handle a lot of calls at once.

If you receive a large amount of calls on a daily basis, your customers will eventually have to wait for a live agent to be free and get his call. If you install an IVR system then this will not happen again. That is because this service can handle a lot of calls at once, regardless of their number. If the customers want to be transferred to a live agent, they will need to press a button. Another advantage of this is that the live agents might never speak with the customers with a tired voice.

So, if these features are sufficient for you and you are convinced that this would be a great improvement for your company then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our company is specialized in providing top notch IVR systems and services at affordable prices. Our specialists will take your preferences and needs into consideration and we will tailor you a service will which exceed your expectations. For more info and details, call us and we will gladly answer to your questions.

Are You Looking To Deploy IVR Services?

IVR (also known as interactive voice response system) allows you to act on one hundred percent of your incoming calls and route your callers to the correct agent or department within your business. This simply means that calls are not passed from pillar to post in order to reach their destination, and without a good IVR solution, many companies would experience missed calls or even have clients come through to the wrong department. This is something that cannot be experienced with a good IVR system. Below are more pros that come with a good IVR system:

Brand image

A good interactive voice response system creates a professional image for a brand and with all those professional voices, it also creates a good impression for your clients upon contacting you.

You can reduce receptionist cost

A good thing about IVR system is that it comes with virtual switch board functionality, so callers can opt to speak to an agent by keying in their extension or simply choose a department without the need for the receptionist to route their calls.

Calls outside of the normal business opening hours

The IVR system can be deployed with a functionality to route calls to home workers to ensure that you don’t miss a sales lead.

DR plans

DR plans can also be setup to give you web control to route calls to an alternative termination number such as mobiles or you can opt to play emergency information messages. This ensures that you keep your customers fully updated.

You can automate some services for your clients

Customers wishing to make fast credit payments or check flight bookings do not have to take up any more of your agents time or that of their own, as these can be done through an automated IVR.

IVR services


The services give you full web control over call routing modules. For instance, you can extend your opening hours on those busy days to compensate for high call volumes by using the web control access. This way, you will be able to see all the changes live on your system without the need to contact your provider.

Reporting made easier

You can use the full reporting package to deploy counts with the IVR system which allows you not only to view the effectiveness of the system but also how a caller flows through the service. And this way, you will get valuable information on the changes that need to be made or whether there is need to hire more agents.

Have multiple branches or sites?

IVR system can route all calls based on the caller’s location and this allows the calls to be routed to a specific department or termination point on the routing plans.

Want to reduce maintenance?

You can reduce the onsite maintenance costs by going for a hosted IVR service. We offer these and much more services, meaning that you don’t have to incur additional hardware costs. Do not hesitate to contact us for a customized IVR consultation.

Want To Improve The Functionality Of Your IVR System?

If you own a call center and want to improve the customer service, then an IVR system will let you get there. However, you want to ensure that the IVR system is working properly even before it goes live. Once it goes live, you also want to add personal touches here and there so that it provides the best customer service for your specific clientele. Highlighted below are the best practices to make sure the IVR system is effective for both you and your customers:

Let the callers know what to expect from your system immediately

It is a simple rule that ensures a pleasant greeting and explains what the system can do for the caller.

Never hide the option for callers to interact with a live agent


Your IVR system can be very effective but there are those times when customers want to speak to a live agent to have their problems solved.

Give an approximate time for callers to complete their request

If you are to transfer them to a live agent, let the callers know the supposed hold time and don’t forget to provide options to get back to the IVR system.

Callers should not repeat information collected in your IVR system to the live agents they are transferred to

You want to make your callers believe that the IVR system can help them resolve their problem, so respect the time they put in the system and do not let them ask for the same answers more than once.

Touch-tone or the speech recognition options can allow callers navigate the system

Let your callers choose the best option based on their location, preferences or understanding of the system.

Personalizing the IVR

You can also personalize the IVR system for each of your callers by integrating it with your customer databases and CRM systems. You want your callers to stick to the IVR system, so the best way is to let them know that the system recognizes their identity.

Apart from identifying them, you should also communicate a few commands that are recognized during a call. An example includes “beginning” that lets one to get back to the start of any dialogue.

You should keep the interface simple

Use short and closed prompts, request one word responses and limit the number of menu choices to keep the interface simple. Did you know that callers want a system that is easy to use and one that can solve their issues? You don’t want to give them anything less than that.

The system should provide a courteous and smooth error handling platform

Error messages that are not geared to a caller’s situation will most likely drive them away from the IVR system. The IVR should always take the blame for errors.

It is relatively easy to establish the above practices especially with fully configurable or custom IVR systems, but it is recommended that you ensure the system is continuously checked for functionality and that you conduct a survey on your clients to make sure it is working well for them. At Simplified Telephony Solutions, we provide custom IVR solutions and we are ready to work with you!